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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Fatwa from Egyptian Sheik (from Al-Azhar mosque) To Kill a German Girl (Dena Milany)

Muslims Don't Respect Any Religion !!

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An Islamic "Fatwa" of using papers from the Bible and Torah in wiping ass!! - Fatwa section:

Fatwa #: 40378
Date: 23-11-2003

The Fatwa says:

{It is not allowed to disrespect the non-interpolated or interpolated books of the Bible and Torah, ONLY IF they still contain some of the truth or include the name of Allah. And the one who does that (i.e. disrespects those books) with his choice and knowledge, then he had made a "Kufr" (i.e. being a "kafir" or disbeliever). But for books that have been interpolated or changed, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN DESPISING THEM. Al-Shams Al-Ramli (Islamic scholar) said in the book (Nihayet Al Mohetaj): Wiping the ass (Al Estenjaa') with "respected" books is not allowed. And there are types of respected (books) like books of Hadith or "Feqh". But for the "non-respected" books, like philosophy, Bible, or Torah that have been known to be interpolated and don't include the name of Allah, then it is OKAY IF THEY WERE USED IN
wiping the ass "AL ESTENJAA"}.

"And for the non-respected books, like philosophy, Torah, and Bible that have been known to be interpolated and don't include great names (such as Allah), it is OKAY to use it in wiping the ass Al-Estenjaa')**". Al-Shafi'i Feqh, book (Nihayet Al-Mohetaj Ila Sharh Al Menhaj) by Mohammad Ibn Shehab

Al-Din Al-Ramly, page # 147.

** (Al-Estenjaa') is an Arabic term which means wiping the ass and cleaning it after defecation.


I didn't Shocked when My Friends Sent to Me this Fatwa

An Egyptian sheik want to Kill Me !!
Yes a Terrorist Sheik From "Al-Azhar mosque" his Name "Ali Abu Hassan" Said to an Egyptian Newspaper
and he
Called "to Shed the blood of German girl (Dena Milany)" Me
And he Siad too " If it was true what he they are Saying about Me, than Dena Milany Should be Killed"

He Also Said "Allah Ordar Muslims to Not Insult other Religion"
what a liar

..."Allah Made Jews Monkeys and Pigs"

he is a very true Muslim...
But I dont Blame him Cause he is Just Apply Islam Teachings

“Slay the unbelievers wherever ye find them…”
The ‘Holy’ Qur’an, Verse 9:5)

And he was Talking about My Religion ?
I think that he didn't Know I dont have one, Cause I'm Atheist LOL

Like I said I hate Islam NOT MUSLIMS

and I Feel Sorry for those Poor Muslims Cause they are Victims for those Terrorists

Terrorists of that mosque Al-Azhar (the house of Nazi InEgypt)

My Message for this Terrorist

If you Would Like to Kill Me than Come to Germany

Welcome to my site
I'm Dena,from Germany

You can find in My Blog Photos about Killing or Death threats Muslims sent it to me, to Kill My Freedom Speach (our Freedom Speach)

So Please Spread the Link of My Blog to Show the world what those People Really are.

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Thank you....Read More Please

I Greated this Blog to Defending on the Freedom Speach in Europe, because Some Muslims hate freedom and want to take it from us.

Even On the net,
I take more than 130 Kill threat because I'm express my opinion, And Muslims want to shut our Mouth to Not Expose Islam.... :)
Yes we will Expose the Evil of this Time

Muslims Keep Saying to us Islam is Religion of Peace (this is lie)

why they are Lying ??

In Islam You Can Lie On Non- Muslims, Qur'an teach them that it's Called "Al-Takeyya"

the Truth of Islam is (Islam the religion of Violence)

You Can Know More about Lying in Islam;

Islam Permits to Deceive Unbelievers to Bring world Domination

Lying In Islam

Fight the Teaching of Muhammad

Muhammad Said this By Himself:

Sahih al-Bukhari 6921—Ibn Umar, Az-Zuhri and Ibrahim said, “A female apostate (who reverts from Islam), should be killed.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 6922—Allah’s Messenger [said], “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

So Please Show Your Support to me

see this Kill & Rape & Insulting threats from Peaceful Muslims :

he Said "I dont Really care about the Group"
Muslims Don't Care if You are Insulting their Religion (as they said) their Only Goal is to Kill Freedom Speach.


he is Saying that he is a Member in Al-Qeada And also he will Kill me.


this Muslims Girl want to Kill me~~~ Do you see how Islam make the human into Terrorist And Kill the Humanitarian of a little Girl

Did You See how Muslims Hate us....they want to Kill us


And this Guy is waiting my Death (Killing me).

this Guy Call me Nazi just because I'm German (Muslims think all Germans are Nazi And All Americans are Zionists) what a racists People.

She is Saying very Dirty words Just Like her Religion...She wish to Me Slow and Painful Death Just because I'm Non-Muslim.

Muslims are Racists People

This Guy SWEARING if he find me he will Kill me, And he is Insult my Race as a white,


See this One, he Call me "German bitch" Muslim hate Germans but why? what have we done ?
I knoooow, we Just dont Believe in Their Grap ...
Muslim Believe that The Earth Is Flat and Much Larger than the Sun !!!!! Do you want me to Believe this.

And this women Called "Stupid trash" Just because I'm white, Muslims are Racists People.


And this Muslim want me to "die really painful" And Called me "ugly German bitch"~~ Muslims hate Everyone non-Muslims
because they are Terrorists

See the subject "I'm Muslim"....I know You are Muslim And that's why You Insult me,

And see those other Messages I got from Muslims

And their is more than those but I think it's Enough to see from followers of Religion of Peace........
Religion of Peace !!!!!! what A JOKE

Islam is a Joke

Islam is Not a religion.
Islam is a DEATH cult.

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What the west Need to Know about Islam ( Long Film)

Did You Forget them ?